farm work, and we have n

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farm work, and we have n

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farm work, and we have no leisure time to take care of us. The countryside has become our paradise, and the first to taste the sweet and delicious fruit is also ours. . We are playing and cutting grass, stealing people's sticks, pulling beans, licking hawthorns, peanuts, and making barbecue meals. Beans and peanuts are chewed in the mouth and are really fragrant; the sticks are tempting golden, and they look at the eyes; the mature mountain glutinous rice noodles, but also swearing. When eating the hawthorn, the little friends had no time to peel off the burnt skin Marlboro Red, and they swallowed it. After eating this special food, the small face will be smeared with ghost paintings and it will still be noisy. When I left, I didn't forget to wash my face next to the ditch that was pouring water. I don��t want to say anything when I hooked it. One night, nothing happened. The next morning, some villagers came to the door to ask: Did you pull their beans from the wild, smashed their mountains and licked their sticks? They were all run by their mothers and chased after the yard, but they did not admit that after the frost had fallen, the crops in the ground were almost harvested, and they did not panic to plan the mountains. Unlike the corn and soybeans, the hawthorn has to be harvested urgently. It is hidden in the soil and it can grow faster. Before you plan your mountain, you must cut the mountain scorpion. After a few frosts, the mountain scorpion was so ruined that it was half dead. It used to give the green to the land. People just harvested the hope of glimpse, so that they can only be so tragic and cut off. Pulling home, put it on the wall of the courtyard, drying on the top of the jujube tree and on the top of the bungalow. After entering the winter, this is the food of the good animals. After cutting off the scorpion, the mountain scorpion became refreshing, and the tree bulging "navel" was like a pregnant woman to be produced, and she was exposed to her chest. From afar, it was a rich, full of happiness. At this time, the morning and night are very cool, but the sun at noon is still a bit hot. The men and women who worked hard smashed the cover and were busy on the land. They opened the frame one by one. The first one was rhythmically plunging the mountain, and the mouth screamed, the two "small" hidden in the woman's chest. The rabbit also trembled with uneasiness, which tempted the man's burning gaze, could not tell whether it was obsessed, or embarrassed. They used the fangs to smack a grin and smack the dirt Cheap Cigarettes, as if they were not in the arms of the purple-colored mountains, but their children, lovingly filled with joy Marlboro Cigarettes. The children are not idle, they will keep picking up the mountains after the parents, and they will listen to their parents; see it, don't lose it. Really, it��s a pity that you have lost a lot of food. Because of the many hills planted, the family will slap some hawthorn slices on the spot. The Lushan Mountain film is a technical job. With one hand pressing the trampoline, one hand takes the hawthorn on it, and the mountain is getting smaller and smaller, and the speed is slowed down. The slow down effort is to leave the hand and let the last piece slip gently from the hand. Our children have been accused of turning around and throwing a basket of smashed hawthorn pieces into the ground Newport Cigarettes, which makes it easy for us to think of how to float on the water, and we are not tired. Taking advantage of God's face, the land that had just been finished in the foothills was soft and fast, so it was soaked in white flowers and wet hawthorn films. After several sunny days, it became a mountain scorpion. In addition to leaving some to eat, the hawthorn scorpions are mostly sold and replaced with colorful tickets. Those who didn't have time to receive it, rained or moldy, later fed the animals, so there are not many such things. Every family will live countlessly, and the mother will wash some fresh haws into a pulp. It became a white paste-like pulp, filtered with white clay cloth, and the milky white hawthorn juice that leaked out slowly formed a solid, which is the natural hawthorn starch. The mother will cut it into pieces and expose it to the skylight under the eaves. . In the three days, she will be able to change the cool, soft, slippery and delicious jelly powder. Pouring sesame oil, pockmarks, with garlic, green cucumber and silk powder, it is not enough to eat. However, the hawthorn still needs to leave some winter to eat. This requires digging a cellar to store. The cellar of our family is a well that has been dug down. Don't look at the above, the mouth is very small. There is a world in it, like a small storage room. Sometimes it is not only the storage of hawthorn, but also the white radish, carrots, and cabbage are stored in it, so that it is eaten in winter. The younger brother and sister are small, and it��s not my job to take the storage in the lower ground. I often have to cook, my mother will call me back home, I will uncover the cover, step on the small pit that my father had dug in the wall of the cellar, and go down, put the radish, cabbage, hawthorn Picking up the small basket, because the mother above the rope was pulled up, she could still ask me: Hawthorn, radish, how much left? Is the cabbage bad? I grind it in the inside, look at it, touch it, answer her question, play enough, and then climb up the small pit. The cellar is damp and wet, and my body is covered with grass and wet soil. This makes it easy for me to think of the scene in the movie "Authentic Warfare" that I have seen. It is especially interesting. ", it is particularly sweet and sweet, the mother will steam or boil or cut the glutinous corn paste porridge, and the sour sauce beans, cabbage, radish, the days are still moist. However, listening to my mother, when I was a child, I did not drink less of the "face-faced caviar" in Montenegro. I said that I went to eat the hawthorn and the crops in the fields were all collected, and the people who were idle were They all came back to God Cigarettes For Sale, took the shovel, and the head, and took the basket to the ground to find the mountain. Looking for those "fish that slip through the net" is like looking for some pearl babies, and picking them up into the basket is your own. Under the bright light of the day, there are old farmers who are doing the early ploughing and turning the land, and sipping the voice of the animals: �N���,��! Passed in the air. The children ran, played, and squashed in the soft soil. Suddenly a fat gray hare came out from the ridge of the earth. The adults and children called, and the smoke of the smoke, and the shadow of the rabbit continued to "hunt the treasure." . Not to mention, sometimes I really want to find a nest of mountains, this is like a big head, my heart will be beaten, I dare not speak, afraid of being robbed or watched, complaining that this family is really careless. It��s not too interesting to dig into the basket. But when I turn to a small mountain hoe, I will not let go of the broken roots. I can feed the pigs. The people in the village have lived like this. The whole land has reached the rest of the day, but the adults are still busy at home. of. The children will not stop, we will take the mountain rafters on the wall, wet the water, skip the ropes in the yard, and sometimes get the school to jump; we will also cook the hawthorn slices and the noodles on the stove. The sizzling screams, and the house is full of scorching scent and coal ash. The days are still, and unconsciously, this is so thick in time that the mountains are no longer the staple food in people's lives, and how many have become rare things, but those days when they have not eaten too many mountains, There is a happy life today, so we must cherish every day, to live a good life, to be healthy, happy, and have more hope in life, to gather together into the hope of our whole society.
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